Dear students and parents: 

As it is approaching to the end of semester (last day: Dec. 18), we will start registration for Spring 2017 as outlined in detail below.  Please take advantage of early registration at your earliest convenient time! 

Notice:  The first day of Spring 2017 will be Jan. 8, 2017! The school calendar for Spring 2017 is attached. 

Section 1 -Class Registration with two options: Online or Onsite

To view all Language and after-school classes offered for Spring semester 2017, please click the link https://www.indy-chinese.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=831%3A2017-&catid=98%3Acalendar&Itemid=121&lang=zh

a. Online Registration

The online registration is open now. If you choose online registration, please do so before 12:00 am of Dec. 18 to get $10 early registration discount (language class only).  You will get a separate email later for when to pay your tuition.

Instruction for online registration is available on the ICCCI website at http://www.indy-chinese. com/index.php?option=com_ content&view=article&id=548& Itemid=69&lang=us .  After submit the registration, please click on "my registrations" and print "my registrations" immediately or before Dec. 18 to prove your registration date if you have printer available.

The online registration will still be available from Dec.18, 2016– Jan. 21, 2017without discount.

b. Onsite Registration

If you prefer onsite registration, please do so on Dec. 11 and 18 from 1 to 4pm at Carmel High School Greyhound Cafeteria to get $10 early registration discount (language class only).  Please bring your check book (no cash, no credit card) to make payments during registration.  Payment made after Dec. 18 will NOT be able to get $10 early registration discount.

c. Textbooks

The teacher for each class will be handing out the textbooks to his/her students directly in the classroom on the first day of school.  Note:  This will be for new students only.  The students who registered for Fall 2016 will continue to use the textbooks they got in Fall 2016.

Section 2Tuition Discount for Language Classes

To take advantage of the $10 discount for the language classes, please complete online/onsite  registration as required in Section 1 above.

There is no discount for after-school classes.

Section 3 - Checklist for Tuition Payment

1. Complete online or onsite registration

2. Sign Student Release Consent Form (NEW students only) on site.   
3. Complete Email Address Update Form (NEW students only)  
4. Read the tuition refund rule for changes/withdrawal from classes (attached)

5. Calculate the total amount for tuition fees due for your family

6. Write one check payable to ICCCI for Tuition (for onsite registration)

7. Write a separate check of $50.00 payable to ICCCI for Parent Duty Deposit, or turn in the voucher authorized by Eugene Zhen, the Security director of ICCCI school administration.

8. Keep receipts issued for your record.

Section 4 - Parent Duty Sign up

Each family is required to perform one time parent duty in each semester.  $50 full refund can only be made after your parent duty is well served according to your sign up.   The parent duty sign up link is in the link below, and click on the months at the bottom of sign up page to start.

https://www.indy-chinese.com/ index.php?option=com_content& view=article&id=395&Itemid= 120&lang=us

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email  该E-mail地址已受到防止垃圾邮件机器人的保护,您必须启用浏览器的Java Script才能看到。 .

Thank you!

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