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Dear Parents and Students:

Hope that you all have had a great summer!  And welcome back to school!

The school will start on Aug. 14, and end on Dec. 18.  The updated school calendar is attached.

Here is the agenda for the first school day on Aug. 14.  All parents and students, please come to Freshman Cafeteria before 1pm. Thanks.
1.  1:00pm, Keyun will Present plaque to and Acknowledge of retired 4 Board members (Eugene Zhen, Eugene Gao,    Xin Liu, Yun She) and introduce our new president Lin Li ;
2.   New president Lin Li to introduce current 2016-17 Board members (all 9);
3.   Renhua Li to introduce new school administrators;
4.   Lei Wang, to introduce all teachers.
5.   1:15pm, Teachers lead students to classrooms, respectively.

We have new after-school classes offered this semester, please see section 1 below. If you haven't completed class registration, please do so at your earliest convenient time.  The details regarding registration, payment and parent duty sign up are listed below:
Section 1 - What's new
A.       Both online and onsite registration will be available; please see Section 2-Class Registration below.
B.        For the $50 parent duty security check, there will be two options for parents to choose: option a) Parent can turn in the voucher that they obtained last semester if the voucher was not used for $50 refund check; option b) Parent can write a check with $50. 
C.        A new after-school class - Chinese AP will be offered.  Time: 3:00-4:00pm, Fee: $150, room E219, teacher: Ting Li (栗婷). Teacher's CV and curriculum are attached.
D. A new after-school class-Hulusi Flute Will be offered. Hulusi,葫芦丝 (Level 1, about 7 years old, about 5 students), Time: 3:00-4:00pm, Fee: $75, room E113, teacher: Tingzhou Jiang (蒋汀洲).  Teacher's CV and curriculum are attached.
E. A new after-school class- Fun with Program (Grade 7, 8 and 9) will be offered. Time: 3:00-5:00pm, Fee: $240 (240                hours class), room E221, teacher: Yizhou Qian (钱逸舟).Teacher's CV and curriculum are attached.

F.     Community Service Classes (社区服务课程) will be provided free of charge to the community:
(Community Service Classes will not be added to website, you can come to register onsite, and also                                you can join the class anytime during the semester, best from beginning).
No. 1: Dragon and Lion Dance (above 9 years old) 舞龙舞狮 to Community Service Classes. Time 4:00 - 5:00                                         pm. Fee: Free. Location: Main Entrance Hall. Teacher: Caiqing Mo 莫才清, etc.
No. 2: English Pronunciation Improvement 英语语音矫正to Community Service Classes. Time 3:00 - 4:00 pm.                                Fee: Free.  Room TBD Teacher: TBD
No. 3: Citizenship Test Help 入籍面试辅导 to Community Service Classes. Time 4:00 - 5:00 pm. Fee: Free.                                     Room TBD.  Teacher: James Zheng 郑健斌,etc.
No. 4: Basic Practical English 初级实用英语 to Community Service Classes. Time 3:00 - 4:00 pm. Fee: Free.                                 Room: TBD. Teacher: Quanbo Xiong 熊泉波,etc.

Section 2 -Class Registration with two options: Online or Onsite
To view all Language and after-school classes offered for this fall 2016, please click
a. Online Registration - (Available now through Aug. 28, at 5pm)
Instruction for online registration is available on the ICCCI website at .  After submit the registration, please click on "my registrations" and print "my registrations" to bring it to school on either date of Aug. 14, 21 and 28 from 1-4pm with payment.
If you did online registration already, please print out "my registrations" and turn it with your payments (in check, no cash, no credit card) to ICCCI Chinese school on Aug 14, 21 and 28 from 1 to 4pm. If online registration was do before/on 11:59pm of May 15 , a $10 early registration discount (language class only) will apply if paid before or on Aug. 28.  If payment is made after Aug. 28,  the $10 early registration discount will not apply.
Note that " My registrations" sheet shows $150 Fees per student for language class for early registration, the $10 discount will be given to you if you make payment on time.
b. Onsite Registration - (Available Aug. 14, 21 and 28, 1-4pm)
If you prefer onsite registration, please do so on Aug. 14 and 21 from 1 to 4pm at Carmel High School Greyhound cafeteria.  Please bring your check book to make payments during registration.
c. Textbooks
The teacher for each class will be handing out the textbooks to his/her students directly in the classroom on the first day of school.
Section 3 - Checklist for Tuition Payment
1. Complete online or onsite registration
2. Sign Student Release Consent Form (NEW students only) on site.   
3. Complete Email Address Update Form (NEW students only)  
4. Read the tuition refund rule for changes/withdrawal from classes (attached)
5. Calculate the total amount for tuition fees due for your family
6. Write one check payable to ICCCI for Tuition (check only, cash and credit card are not acceptable)
7. Write a separate check of $50.00 payable to ICCCI for Parent Duty Deposit, or turn in the voucher (see Section 1, the 2nd paragraph).
8. Keep receipts issued
Section 4 - Parent Duty Sign up
Each family is required to perform one time parent duty in each semester.  $50 full refund can only be made after your parent duty is well served according to your sign up. The parent duty sign up link:
Note: VolunteerSpot, the service we use for our Parent Duty Sign-up, changed its name to Your personal assignments, SignUp invitation links, sign in email address and reminders will all stay the same. The only change is that notification messages will now come from, that means your sign-up previously for fall 2016 volunteering remains effective. Please add This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to your address book/safe-sender’s list to ensure you receive timely invitations, reminders and messages. Thanks for participating!

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