Friday, May 27, 2022
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A letter from ICCCI founder and 1st President to congratulate our 20 years anniversary

        日前,印城华夏文化中心ICCCI第一任主席杨吉祯(Kit C Yong)致信原ICCCI主席甄跃军(Eugene)祝贺印城华夏文化中心ICCCI成立20周年。以下为信件原文。

杨吉祯(Kit C Yong)




Dear Eugene, 

I am indeed very honoured and humbled to have the opportunity in founding the ICCCI 20 years ago. 

At that time, a group of like-minded parents from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia were trying to find a Chinese school that could teach our children Hanyu Pinyin and Simplified Chinese characters. After searching for awhile and sending our children to other Chinese schools, we came to the conclusion that it would be much better off if we were to establish our own school with distinctive characteristics. After a few months of planning, we launched the ICCCI Chinese school with less than 15 students. We managed to receive support from Forest Glenn school in Lawrence ISD who agreed to let us use their classrooms free of charge after normal school hours. Initial textbooks were photocopied from textbooks in Singapore and China, and many parents contributed as volunteers in teaching and administrative work.  Besides teaching our children Chinese, we have set our vision to be a promoter of Chinese culture in Indianapolis. We want to be an inclusive Chinese cultural organization who opens its doors to all who love Chinese culture regardless of their origin and race. Hence, we also offered adult Chinese classes, participated at Forest Glenn’s annual international fair, and held an annual Chinese New Year dinner right from the early days of ICCCI.

It is indeed my great pleasure and pride to learn that ICCCI has continued to grow and flourish since then. I would like to congratulate ICCCI on its 20th anniversary, and express my gratitude to all volunteers who contributed to ICCCI’s growth over the years. I wish you all continuous success in the years to come.

Kit C Yong


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