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      ICCCI中文学校在两个星期日已经收集了海地地震赈灾基金$ 1,257.31。这笔钱将很快被送到美国红十字会。

支票抬头请写的:ICCCI。在底部,请你注明:For Haiti Earthquake Relief.。

 Dear members:
    As you all know that a devastating earthquake happend in Haiti last week.  Thousands of people died and injured.  People lost their loved ones, and houses.  Your donation will help disaster victims rebuild their lives and their communities. 
    ICCCI, as a nonprofit organization, will set up a donation box again this coming Sunday ( January 31st) from 1 to 3:30 pm to collect donation.  All the money collected will be sent to U.S. Red Cross as one check from ICCCI organization to support the disaster area.  Please do your contribution if you could help. 
    Please write check payable to: ICCCI.   At the bottom of the check, please make a note: For Haiti Earthquake Relief.
    All the donations are tax deductible, you will get a receipt from ICCCI organization.  
    Your support is highly appreciated!
Indianapolis Chinese Community Center Inc.
(updated 1/28/2010)

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