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Pre-registration for Spring 2010 will start this coming Sunday, November 22

What's new in the enrollment for Spring 2010: 
     New  ICCCI Chinese School is offering an upright flute class in Spring semester 2010. The instructor is BenLin Li who has years of experience in teaching flute. The class will be from 4pm to 4:45pm at Chinese school. Numbered musical notation (JianPu) and staff (WuXianPu) will be applied as well as bilingual learning environment. Class material (an “F” key 6-hole-upright flute) could be either self-prepared or purchased from the instructor in less than 5 dollars. World famous children songs will be taught in the class. Students will band with the first grade drum class and perform in the Chinese Spring Festival Evening.  The tution will be $90 per semester if pre-registered.  

     New   Two classes, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting,  will be offered to adult students in spring 2010.  The instructor will be Mr.  C.C.Chen.   Chinese calligraphy will be from 1 to 2:30 pm, and Chinese painting will be from 3 to 4:30 pm. The tuition will be $150 per semester for each program.  If you register both calligraphy and painting classes , the total tuition will be $250.00 with $50 discount.

 Each class will be limited to 8 people and on first come first serve basis.


        The Parents will not need to write a security deposit check for after-school programs but are required to show-up on their assigned duty date when they are notified by email, such as Chess-1 and 2, Go game, and Chinese GongFu etc.
Pre-registration for Spring 2010 will be held on the following Sundays from 1 to 3 pm at Carmel High School cafeteria:

  • November 22 
  • December 13
  • December 20 ( last day for pre-registration)


Registration Procedure

  • Only NEW students need to complete the registration forms. Forms are attached and also available at the registration desk.
  • For returning students, you will need to verify and do appropriate changes in the pre-printed registration information document at the registration desk.
  •  All the parents will be asked to sign to accept the refund policy.

School Fees for Spring 2010 for both new and returning students:
   ( $20 discount for pre-registration of each Chinese Language class and after-school enrichment program)
     Please view attached 2010-Spring semester tuiation table. 
After-school Program/Activities
You may also register your child/children for after-school activities ( the programs are listed in the fuition table) during pre-registration. There is a limit to the class size in some programs and therefore enrollment will be based on a first-come first-serve basis. Please view attachment for Information regarding the after-school program. If the enrollment is made before December 20, 2009, there is a $20 discount for each class.  We encourage you to enroll the programs during pre-registration, this will help teachers and us do appropriate arrangement.  Please view attached 2010-Spring semester tuition table for different programs. 
Tuition Refund Policy for Chinese Language Class:
Withdrawals made:
-1st and 2nd sessions: Full refund, deduct $ 10 processing fee
-3rd to 8th session: 50% Refund, deduct $ 10 processing fee.
-After 8th session: No Refund 
Tuition Refund Policy for After-school Enrichment Programs:
-The refund is prorate depending on total number of the class offered and how many classes the student has attended in the semester, and deduct $10 processing fee. 
  Note:  For both Chinese language class and after-school programs, a refund form is required to fill out for school and the form is attached.

 Parent Duty

It is mandatory that every family do parent duty at least one Sunday per semester. Please write a separate check of $25.00 for your parent-duty deposit during pre-registration. The check will be returned to you at the end of semester if you do your duty on time.  Each family will do parent duty for some after-school programs too.
To help process the return of the checks to you in a timely manner, please have the following information written on the back of the check:
-your child's name
-your phone number
-your email address
Pre-registration Checklist:
1. Completed the Registration form *( for NEW students only)
2. Completed Student Release Consent Form *( for NEW students only)
3. Completed Email Address Update Form *( for NEW students only)
4. Verify and update your existing information ( for return students only)
5. Sign to accept the school refund policy for the withdrawal from the program.
6. A check of $130, or $150 payable to ICCCI (for Tuition,textbooks and other materials)
7. A separate check of $25.00 payable to ICCCI (parent duty deposit for Language class)
8.  Check out and sign up after-school program if interested.  
Parents are required to be on duty during the after school hour(s) if your child(ren) are registered in Chess or Go Game or GongFu.  Date(s) will be assigned to you by each parents-coordinator. Your cooperation with the parents-coordinators is greatly appreciated.
   Note: The payment for No 6 and 8 can be combined in one check and make a note for the payment in the check.
If you have any question, please direct it to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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