Saturday, May 28, 2022
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The changes to the Chinese school: Most will be online teaching starting this Sunday, March 15

Dear students and parents:

With rising confirmed positive cases of the COVID-19 in the country and the state, the school administration understands the concerns of the parents, and has decided to stop all the onsite classes, and use online teaching instead for those courses possible, starting this Sunday, March 15 and most probably for the rest of the semester.  Please don't go to Carmel High School for the Chinese school during March 15 to May 10, the last school day of the semester, unless the school resumes the onsite classes.

All the language classes will be offered online teaching by the same teachers.  The teachers will contact you directly and set up the online course;

The following after-school classes can be offered with online teaching:

Singing classes, by teacher Xiaodi Liu;

drawing class, by teacher Yunfu Wang;

Website Development I and II, by teacher Haishan Wang;

English Spelling and Writing, by teacher Ally Zhang;

Hulusi(Level 1) 葫芦丝 and 二胡, by teacher Jerry Yang.

The teacher will contact the parents / students for the detail and set up.

The following after-school classes could not be offered with online teaching:

Chinese Calligraphy and Drawing, by teacher Shaomin Qian;

MBA for youth, by teacher Jingwei Meng;

All the Martial Art classes (武术), by teacher 凌志超;

Internet and AI coding Introduction I and II, by teacher Xin Zhao;

All the Chess classes, by teacher Aaron Dean.

The school will refund the students with half of the tuition paid.

The rest of the after-school classes: The teacher will check with the students and then make decision.

The link below is for the classes that the school offers:

Thanks for your understanding and Support!

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have questions.

ICCCI School Administration

Chinese School of Indianapolis Chinese Community Center, Inc.

ICCCI Chinese School Facebook

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