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ICCCI Second phase in the disaster areas in Sichuan earthquake donation will to build two love libra

ICCCI Second phase in the disaster areas in Sichuan earthquake donation will to build two love libraries

Dear ICCCI members,

This letter is sent to you for update of ICCCI's Sichun Earthquake Relief Fund set in May of 2008. From May 18 to July 25, 2008 ICCCI had totally collected fund of $26,872.68 through ICCCI Chinese School, ICCCI Mail Box and Confucius Institute at Indianapolis, etc.. On May 19, 2008 $13,012.54 had been directly donated to China Red Cross for emergency relief (plus wire fee and material fee $134.63, so the total fee was 13,147.17). In past year, we have been seeking other ways to use the rest of fund ($13,725.51) in reconstruction of earthquake area in Sichun province such as building a medical clinic, building an elementary school or library. In December 2008, Bernice Chao, a Lilly retiree and the Midwestern Coordinate of Renewal Foundation USA found us and introduced the reconstruction plans they are doing in or around earthquake area of Sichun province. Renewal Foundation USA is a charitable organization aimed at reconstruction schools and libraries for children at earthquake area of Sichun Province, China. See website for more information. This reconstruction plan is certainly interesting to us. Since then Bernice has worked hard in finding a localized plan for ICCCI.

In May 31, 2009 Bernice introduced her plan at ICCCI Joint Board meeting (2008-2009 term and 2009-2010 term). According to her plan, we will be able to build two libraries named as “ Indy Chinese Library” in two elementary schools respectively at $5000 each and we could also build the third library co-established with Carmel High School GlobalGiving Club, Indiana with the combined fund ($3000 from ICCCI and $2000 from Carmel High School GlobalGiving Club). These three libraries will be established within one year after the fund is received. Bernice will monitor the process. This plan has been thoroughly discussed at the Joint Board meeting and has been approved at the first new ICCCI Board meeting on June 21, 2009. Therefore, a total fund of $13,000.00 has been sent to Renewal Foundation USA on June 22, 2009. According to the opinion of most Board members, the remained balance ($725.51) is also sent to Renewal Foundation USA on June 26, 2009 for purchase of a desktop computer for one of above library. This fund account is now closed.

Thanks you very much for your contribution and support in past years.

Please let us know if you have questions.


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