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Taiji Club



2009 Indianapolis Chinese Festival (Watch videos and Photos Slides)

Club Party on May 3, 2009. Watch Videos of the Party

The ICCCI Taiji Club is a group of Taiji enthusiasts who meet on regular basis. In other words, the express goal of the Taiji Club is to provide an opportunity for Taiji enthusiasts in the Indianapolis area to practice Taiji and learn from each other. We also participate in many cultural events organized by the ICCCI (Indianapolis Chinese Cultural Center, Inc).

The Taiji Club meets every Sunday afternoon between 1:00PM - 3:00PM at the Carmel High School during regular school semesters, and from 8:30AM - 10:30AM at the Carmel West Park every Sunday morning during summer months. Everyone is welcome to join us.

For more information, you can send an email to us or simply come to our practice.

Table of Contents

  • Main Movements of Taiji
  • Club Videos/各种表演录像 (Updated 5/4/09)
  • Taiji Quan/Sword Videos (各式太极拳/剑视屏) (Updated 7/4/09)
  • Taiji Forms/Moves (太极拳谱)
  • 太极推手资料/Push Hands
  • 太极探索/Exploring Taiji (Updated 3/6/09)
  • 相片/Club Photos(Updated 7/5/09)
  • Other Taiji-related Sites
  • Club members at Fox59 Morning News on 9/8/2009

    Club members performing Taiji Health Palm (养生太极掌)at the 2009 Chinese New Year Celebration Performance on 1/17/2009.

     一班 : 1:00pm - 1:50pm, every Sunday during regular school semesters
    学费:$150 每学期(approximately 15 classes)

    这一小时主要用英文讲解和教授太极拳基础, 包括理论和基本套路 (24式太极拳和32式太极剑). 本班最多收10-15 人, 目的是能够针对每个学员的基础量体裁衣.

    二班:2:00pm - 3:00pm, every Sunday during regular school semesters
    学费: $20 每学期

    这一个小时以练习太极基本功和套路为主, 间插一些理论辅助. 练习套路以24式和42式太极拳, 32式太极剑为主, 加上太极推手. 目的是能够使学生在教员的辅导下正确地练习太极拳, 力争内外形式统一和完美. 学员们还经常参加ICCCI和中文学校组织的一些演出活动:

    Taiji Classes/太极拳班

    Group 1 : 1:00pm - 1:50pm, every Sunday during regular school semesters
    Fee:$150 per semester (approximately 15 classes)
    Teacher:Zhao Cheng

    This section will be conducted in English only. The class teaches the fundamentals of Taiji both as an internal exercise (including theory) and external forms. Teaching and coaching can be very individualized so that each student can get the most out of the class. We learn the 24 hand forms and 32 sword form plus some meditation and pushing hand training for tai chi beginners.

    Group 2 : 2:00pm - 3:00pm, every Sunday during regular school semesters
    Fee: $20 per semester
    Teacher: Zhao Cheng

    In this section, students will learn and practice some of the most popular forms of Taiji, including 24-form and 42-form Taiji, 32-form Taiji Sword and Tuishou. This class also prepares students for performances:

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